Case Study: How to Post to Reddit and Reach 11k+ New Users in One Day

It’s no secret that Reddit receives an incredible amount of traffic. The site receives over 330 million users each month in nearly every niche you can imagine. Whatever your business’s focus, Reddit can help you reach thousands of new customers, users and evangelists for your brand.

We’ve worked with businesses since 2015, helping them succeed on Reddit from content creation to taking their posts to the front page. Our clients often ask us for case studies and advice for their campaigns, and we’re happy to share a few of our key tips to help your business reach tens of thousands of new customers on Reddit.

A recent campaign for a consulting client that brought 12,000 new users in less than 24 hours and led to news features across the world.

Define Your Goals

Is your goal to send thousands of visitors to your site, generate interest in a product, drive sales or something else entirely? Your Reddit marketing goals will dictate how you should approach the content you post, where and how you submit it.

If your goal is to drive product or service sales, product links are a great way to do so. Unfortunately, direct product links are often frowned upon on Reddit or outright banned in certain communities. If you have difficulty driving traffic to your product links, think creatively about how you can achieve your goal by posting videos, pictures or infographics related to your product that can reach a wider audience.

How to Create Content That Will Reach Your Target Audience

If in doubt, check the Top Posts of all time or for the past year on the subreddits you’re targeting. This will give you a good idea of the kind of content that does well in each community. Take particular note of posts promoting websites, products or brands similar to yours.

Choose A Subreddit

Once you’ve given some thought to the content you’re looking to post, use RedditList to find communities that fit your goals. While Reddit’s default subreddits can bring an incredible amount of traffic from the tens of millions of subscribers they have, more targeted subreddits will often respond better to your content and can help it stand out from the pack.

Using RedditList and the tips we’ve compiled in the post below will help you find the perfect subreddits to post to.

Scheduling Your Post for Maximum Visibility

Once you’ve chosen the right subreddit for your content, be sure to schedule it for the time where you’ll reach the most readers. This can vary significantly community to community, and tools like LaterForReddit can help you find the best time and submit your post at the best time for that subreddit automatically.

Ensuring Your Account’s Quality

While the importance of upvotes is well known, many people overlook the value of posting from an established and trusted account. Some subreddits have explicit rules about the accounts that can post on their community. Typically, this includes a minimum karma threshold, account age, or previous activity in their subreddit.

Depending on the rules for the subreddit you’re targeting, you can buy a Reddit account that meets the age and karma requirements. If the rules require a certain amount of upvotes or activity in that subreddit, spend some time posting in the community and providing value before you post.

Getting the Ball Rolling

The success of your post early on, particularly in the first hour after posting, largely dictates whether your post will be shown to a larger audience on the subreddit and Reddit as a whole. Getting that initial traction is crucial to your post’s success, and using a service like BoostUpvotes can help you consistently get the ball rolling.

Our customers have received millions of visitors to their websites, products and services, and we’re proud to have worked with hundreds of clients customers since 2015. To find out more about our services, head over to our homepage.

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