Which Subreddit Should You Post To?

Which Subreddit Should I Post To

Reddit is the ninth most visited website in the world, and offers businesses and websites a great opportunity to share their content with its tens of millions of largely USA based users. Reddit is a social bookmarking website that integrates commenting, focused communities called Subreddits and most importantly its up and downvoting system that allows users to vote on which content gets pushed up and down the front page of the website.

When posting your content to Reddit, three elements are the most important.

  1. Useful Content
  2. Effective Titles
  3. A Well Chosen Subreddit to Post To

If you already have well written and useful content that will engage your readers, and an effective title that gets interested readers to click on your content, choosing a subreddit is the final key to making a successful post that gets to the front page of Reddit.

When choosing a subreddit you want to keep three things in mind:

  1. Subreddit topic
  2. Subscriber base
  3. Whether or not the subreddit is a Default subreddit

By choosing a related subreddit topic you ensure that the readers you’re reaching are both interested in what you’re posting and ready to upvote your content if it helps them in some way. You can find subreddits related to your post’s content by using Reddit’s search engine and looking at the top of the results to find related subreddits. Because there are so many subreddits you should be able to at least a few potential subreddits and note down their names.

Once you have your list, check each of the subreddits subscriber counts and find the best one that fits your goals for the post. If your goal is to reach the front page, find the subreddit with the highest subscriber count and Default status if possible. Default status means that the subreddit is featured on the home page of Reddit by default (without the user having to subscribe to that subreddit specifically).

If, in contrast, you are looking to reach a specific niche audience (which can be much more effective at getting a high upvote/downvote ratio if your content is niche), try to find the community most related to your topic with a moderately sized subscriber base.

Now that you’re ready to post, it’s time to think about the final element of getting your post to the front page: getting upvotes early on. Because of the way Reddit’s voting algorithm works, the posts that do the best tend to get a high upvote/downvote ratio early on. The best way to do this effectively and assuredly to get the ball rolling on a high quality post is to Buy Reddit Upvotes using BoostUpvotes’ Reddit Upvote service.