Top Cryptocurrency and Crypto Trading Subreddits (2022): Ranked by Subscribers, Audience, and Reach

Finding the right subreddit is key to maximizing both the reach and engagement that your posts receive. While Reddit is perhaps best known for its gaming, news and technology communities, it has grown to cover nearly every niche and industry out there.

Its focus on organic discussion has made it the largest platform for cryptocurrency discussion on the web, with tens of millions of subscribers across the hundreds of subreddits devoted to various cryptocurrency projects, ICOs and tokens. Reddit’s largest cryptocurrency communities have covered Bitcoin’s rise from a few pennies to more than $60,000 per Bitcoin, and been at the forefront of newer currencies from Ethereum to a near hourly torrent of new ICOs and tokens.

For crypto investors, Reddit provides a source of new investment ideas, due diligence and an ear to the virtual trading floor that . Researchers found that mentions of Bitcoin on Reddit closely tracked its price, and the site has been credited for driving much of the frenzy around Dogecoin that drove it from a fraction of a cent to $0.72 per join in just a few months.

We’ve compiled a list of the largest cryptocurrency subreddits, as well as crypto trading subreddits and similar communities.

Top Crypto Trading Subreddits

The front page of /r/SatoshiStreetBet’s, WallStreetBets’ crypto-focused equivalent.

The following is a list of the top cryptocurrency trading subreddits. These communities focus on trading of established currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as new currencies, tokens and NFTs.

With the rise of WallStreetBets and its widely covered promotion of Gamestop in early 2021, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and promoters have ramped up their activity on Reddit. This includes subreddits like SatoshiStreetBets, which brings WallStreetBets combination of memes, research and heavy promotion to cryptocurrencies and tokens, as well as more niche subreddits focused on areas like NFTs.

SubredditSubscribersSubreddit Created
/r/CryptoMarkets493,000Nov 12, 2013
/r/ETHTrader1,300,000Mar 25, 2015
/r/CryptoMoonshots360,000Dec 16, 2017
/r/Cryptocurrency2,600,000Mar 11, 2013
/r/SatoshiStreetBets442,000Feb 23, 2020
/r/CryptoCurrencyTrading87,619Jul 2, 2017
/r/BitcoinMarkets207,236Apr 11, 2013
/r/Altcoin129,000Mar 12, 2013
/r/ICO26,838Feb 19, 2013
/r/NFT76,129Jan 16, 2016

Top Cryptocurrency Subreddits for Specific Currencies

SubredditSubscribersSubreddit Created
/r/Bitcoin2,900,000Sep 9, 2010
/r/Ethereum887,000Dec 14, 2013
/r/Dogecoin1,800,000Dec 8, 2013
/r/Binance341,000Jul 1, 2017
/r/Ripple305,000Oct 14, 2009
/r/Litecoin316,000Oct 14, 2011
/r/Cardano397,290Mar 23, 2017
/r/XRP227,824Jun 16, 2010
/r/Monero217,400Apr 24, 2014
/r/Safemoon197,131Mar 7, 2021
/r/NanoCurrency89,500Nov 29, 2017
/r/Iota131,000Sep 6, 2012

How to find the top subreddits for any topic

Have a more specific niche you’re looking to find the right subreddit for? While you can search Reddit for posts that match your topic and find a quick list of related subreddits, there are free Reddit marketing tools that allow you to find the best subreddits in nearly any topic or market.

RedditList, a tool built on top of Reddit’s API, allows you to find the best subreddits based on your keywords, topics and subscriber numbers. Simply enter your keywords and RedditList will show you a list of the most relevant subreddits. The site also provides subscriber numbers and other useful information to find the best subreddits to reach your target audience.

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