How to Promote Your OnlyFans on Reddit: Full Guide for 2023

How to promote OnlyFans on Reddit and get new subscribers.

With hundreds of millions of active users, Reddit is arguably the single best place to promote your OnlyFans content to new audiences and grow your subscriber count. Reddit not only allows OnlyFans and adult content, but has thousands of communities dedicated to it. These communities can help you get thousands of new subscribers, no matter what niche or audience you’re targeting.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through the most effective strategies on to promote your OnlyFans on Reddit successfully, from finding the best subreddits to market your OnlyFans, to creating posts and optimizing your profile to convert new subscribers. We’ll go over Reddit marketing strategies used by top OnlyFans models to gain thousands of new subscribers, and how you can replicate their success in promoting your OnlyFans on Reddit.

As of 2023, Reddit gets over 1.7 billion visitors every month, nearly half of which is from the US alone. Reddit’s audience is also younger, better educated, wealthier, and skews male more than any other major social network according to the Pew Research Center’s Journalism and Media Center.

Unlike Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms, Reddit doesn’t require you to have any followers to be seen by millions of people. If your content appeals to its user base, a post from a new account can do just as well as one with millions of followers.

Statistic: Combined desktop and mobile visits to from July to December 2020 (in millions) | Statista
Source Statista
Statistic: Regional distribution of desktop traffic to as of December 2020, by country | Statista
Source Statista

In addition to receiving billions of visitors every month, Reddit both allows posting OnlyFans content and makes it easy for you to reach large communities of potential subscribers.

Unlike sites like Facebook or Tumblr, Reddit does not prohibit adult content, and instead designates communities with adult content as NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

All these factors make Reddit the best source of traffic for OnlyFans creators, sending millions of visitors to OnlyFans pages and posts each month. Moreover, Reddit is uniquely suited to helping you promote to new audiences who don’t already follow your other social media accounts.

How Reddit Works


Reddit is a massive online platform made up of hundreds of thousands of communities called subreddits. Subreddits are Reddit pages dedicated to a given topic or interest, from news or video games to more niche topics.

Because anyone can create a subreddit, there are subreddits for just about any topic and interest imaginable. The people that run each subreddit are called moderators. Moderators set the rules for who (and what) can be posted in their subreddit, which you can typically find on the right sidebar of a subreddit.

Subreddits that allow adult content are marked NSFW (meaning “Not Safe For Work”). While many of these sites allow you to promote OnlyFans, others have rules prohibiting OnlyFans links or posts from OnlyFans creators altogether. For that reason, it’s crucial to read each subreddit’s rules before posting.

How Reddit’s Ranking Algorithm Works

Users can subscribe to subreddits, meaning they’ll see posts from that subreddit in their feed. Additionally, the top posts from all of Reddit’s subreddits are shown on its “front page,” where tens of millions of people see the top recent posts as ranked by Reddit’s voting system.

Within each subreddit and the site as a whole, Reddit’s voting system determines the visibility of posts.

Specifically, Reddit ranks posts based on a combination of how new they are, and how many upvotes and downvotes they receive. If users like your content, they can upvote it, helping push it higher up to be seen by more people. Similarly, users can downvote posts to push them down.

Where to Share OnlyFans Content on Reddit

In choosing the right subreddits to promote your OnlyFans on Reddit, you want to find the right mix of high viewership and fit for your content. To find the best subreddits to post your OnlyFans content to, you can use RedditList, a list of the top subreddits by activity, subscriber count and growth over the past 24 hours.

RedditList for promoting OnlyFans on Reddit

To find subreddits where you’re allowed to post NSFW (“not safe for work”/adult) content, simply select NSFW subreddits and you’ll be able to see the same lists for adult-friendly subreddits.

Finding Subreddits That Allow OnlyFans Content

While there are thousands of NSFW subreddits, you want to ensure you post to subreddits that are both relevant to your content and friendly to OnlyFans creators. Some subreddits, such as r/Gonewild, explicitly prohibit posts by creators who sell content.

Before posting, carefully read the rules and guidelines of each subreddit to ensure your content is relevant and adheres to their community standards. While promotional subreddits exist, it’s essential to focus on building a following through relevant NSFW subreddits to cultivate genuine interest in your content.

Some OnlyFans creators have done especially well by building up a following on subreddits like GoneWild before they promote their content. That way, when they start promoting their OnlyFans account, they already have a large following and the karma needed to post on other subreddits.

Top Subreddits for Promoting Your OnlyFans

The Reddit community /r/OnlyFansAdvice has put together a list of OnlyFans friendly subreddits that are best suited to promoting your OnlyFans content. The spreadsheet is sorted by niches and specific attributes, like whether they have verification or karma requirements to post. Be sure to check out the spreadsheet for the most up to date list, and niche oriented subreddits.

You can also find a more extensive list of the 130+ best subreddits to promote OnlyFans here.

Finally, you can find top OnlyFans creators in your niche and head over to their Reddit account to see where they post and receive the most upvotes.

Dealing with Minimum Karma Requirements on Subreddits

Subreddits to promote OnlyFans without karma requirements

Many subreddits will also have minimum karma requirements to post, like the subreddit above. This means you need to have a certain amount of karma to post in the subreddit, or your post will simply be removed.

Your account’s “karma” is essentially a sum of all the upvotes and downvotes you’ve received on all of your posts (and comments, for comment karma). Essentially, the more upvotes you get on your posts, the more they’ll increase your karma. It’s not 1:1, but closely approximates the upvotes minus the downvotes you’ve received.

Here are some tips to deal with minimum karma requirements when promoting your OnlyFans on Reddit:

  1. Choose the Right Subreddits:
    Identify subreddits that are relevant to your content and niche. Look for communities that allow OnlyFans promotion and have attainable karma requirements. Smaller subreddits are often more welcoming to newcomers.
    Assuming you already have content to post, this is generally the fastest way to earn karma on your new account.
  2. Post and Comment in Safe-for-Work Subreddits:
    Participating in SFW subreddits is a fantastic starting point to accumulate karma. Communities like r/askreddit, r/aww, and r/news offer diverse topics and discussions where you can earn karma by commenting or posting.
  3. Avoid Free Karma Subreddits:
    While it might be tempting to take shortcuts, using free karma subreddits is generally frowned upon on Reddit. These subreddits often encourage low-quality and spammy posts, which can lead to negative consequences for your account.
    Some subreddits even automatically ban people who post in these subreddits, as they’re often used by spammers.
    Instead, focus on adding value to the communities you participate in, and engaging in communities you’re genuinely interested in.

6 Tips to Create Reddit Posts Promoting Your OnlyFans

Now that you’ve found the right subreddits to promote your OnlyFans, we’ll go over some key tips to help create posts that help you reach the largest audience and convert the most new subscribers on Reddit.

1. Keep Your Posts Diverse (but consistent!)

To keep your Reddit followers engaged and interested, avoid posting the same picture(s) across too many subreddits on the same day. Instead, post a variety of images (or video clips!), spreading them out over a few days to maintain interest and interaction.

Try to keep them tailored to the subreddits you’re posting in. Posting the same image to 3-5 subreddits is fine, but try to keep your feed interesting for users that find your profile and want to read through it.

As you post more, you’ll start to see which subreddits tend to respond best to your content. From there, you can target those subreddits more.

2. Be Mindful of Reddit’s (and Individual Subreddits’) Rules

Reddit has strict policies against spamming, so it’s essential to abide by these rules to keep your account from getting banned. While sharing the same picture in different subreddits is permissible, doing it excessively or without consideration can lead to trouble, especially if you’re just getting started.

Focus on building karma through genuine engagement rather than risking being banned due to inappropriate practices.

3. Avoid Directly Advertising in Titles and Comments

Most subreddits frown upon overt self-promotion in titles or comments. Instead, attract users to your profile by posting engaging content that encourages them to check out more of your content.

Creating curiosity and offering value through your posts will naturally draw interested users to your OnlyFans page.

Always read the rules. Even in subreddits that allow direct promotion, experiment with different methods to see what works best.

4. Optimize Your Reddit Profile

Reddit OnlyFans creator profile

People that see your posts and are interested are most likely to click through to your profile to see more. As a result, you want to ensure your profile is both engaging and lets viewers do what you want them to, whether that’s following you on Reddit, checking out your other platforms, or subscribing to your OnlyFans.

To ensure you’re making the most of that traffic, be sure to:

  1. Add your OnlyFans and social media links to your bio: While getting new subscriptions on your OnlyFans is the goal, including links to your Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Linktree, or other social media pages can help ensure your subscribers stay more engaged and potentially convert people who visit your other profiles and decide to convert later.
  2. Make use of pinned posts to feature your OnlyFans and other links you want to promote: typically, you’ll want to include your OnlyFans, Fansly, or other subscription links.
  3. Add some information about yourself!: Giving subscribers and potential subscribers information on you, your interests, and your personality is a great way to create a sense of connection that helps keep them engaged. Adding key information to your bio is a great way to accomplish this. Another option is creating a pinned post with information about yourself (and links to your OnlyFans at the end!)

5. Come Up with Eye-Catching Titles

Captivate Redditors with compelling and creative post titles. Avoid repeating the same title, and consider using questions that engage viewers and encourage them to interact with your content. Clever and witty questions can pique curiosity and generate more traction.

As you spend more time in a subreddit, you’ll get a better idea of what works best and the subreddit’s culture.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the Top posts in the subreddit you’re targeting. There, you’ll see the best performing posts on the subreddit by upvotes, and a long list of ideas to show you what works best in that specific community. You can also look at the top posts from models targeting similar niches as you.

6. Use Videos and Gifs

Often the best performing content isn’t images at all, but short videos and GIFs. Check out sites like RedGif or simply use Reddit’s built-in video posting platform to host short clips from your content, especially in subreddits where lots of the top posts are in video or GIF format.

RedGifs has its own audience of 54 million+ monthly visits, which can help you reach a whole new potential base of subscribers for your OnlyFans with a well-optimized profile and posts. If you use RedGifs, be sure to tag your videos/GIFs with relevant tags and communities so people can find you there.

Like with Reddit, you’ll also want to include all of your social media and OnlyFans links on your RedGifs bio.

How to Maximize Viewership on Your Reddit Posts

Now that we’ve covered how to find the best subreddits and create posts to promote your OnlyFans on Reddit, we’ll dive into the strategies you need to use to ensure your Reddit posts reach the largest audience.

While Reddit is arguably the single best place to grow your OnlyFans, its massive audience means it’s also highly competitive, with thousands of OnlyFans creators posting on the site. Even the best content depends on some Reddit savvy to help your OnlyFans posts reach the front page.

The Best Times to Post on Reddit

Reddit’s audience fluctuates significantly throughout the day, tending to be highest from morning to early evening Eastern Time.

To maximize the audience your posts reach, be sure to post at a time when your post is likely to reach the most people. To do this, you can use free tools like LaterForReddit that allow you to see what time posts in a particular subreddit are most likely to receive the most upvotes and traffic.

A good rule of thumb is to post when your target audience is likely to be browsing Reddit. Remember that posts typically take at least a few hours to reach the top of the subreddit where they will be shown to the largest possible audience.

Because Reddit’s audience is heavily based in the US, that’s typically when users in US time zones are awake and online. You can also use LaterForReddit or similar tools to schedule your posts to a specific subreddit or multiple.

How to Get Your Reddit Posts to the Front Page

Creating great content and Reddit posts is only half the battle. Because Reddit is so ideal for finding OnlyFans subscribers, it’s also fiercely competitive.

When you first post to Reddit, your post will go to the New tab where few users will see it in most popular subreddits. As your post receives more upvotes, it will begin to appear in the Hot and Rising tabs, which are viewed by a much higher number of users.

This gradual increase in the number of users your post is shown to is what allows it to snowball to the front page, where it can reach millions of viewers in just a few hours.

The most important factor in getting to the front page is the number and ratio of upvotes to downvotes a post gets early on. Especially on larger subreddits, the first few votes your post does (or doesn’t) get can decide whether it’s seen by millions or just a handful of Redditors. Early upvotes give your post the push it needs to reach more and more viewers, while early downvotes can all but bury your post from being seen by anyone.

As a result, it’s key to ensure your Reddit posts get lots of upvotes early on. These early votes will dictate whether it is shown on the Rising or Hot tabs that the overwhelming majority of users stick to.

How to Get Upvotes On Your Posts

Buy Reddit Upvotes for OnlyFans

To ensure your post receives the initial boost it needs and take advantage of the snowball effect, you can buy Reddit upvotes. BoostUpvotes offers Reddit upvotes delivered by real humans from across the world.

BoostUpvotes uses only real human voters, meaning votes come in naturally and not all at once. This allows your post to rise to #1 and reach the massive audiences of Reddit’s largest subreddits, by giving your post the kickstart it needs to be seen by initial viewers and reach the front page.

How Many Upvotes to Buy

Depending on the size of the subreddit, even smaller numbers of upvotes early on can help ensure your post reaches the front page and the thousands of viewers it brings with it.

If you’re new to promoting your OnlyFans content on Reddit, a good strategy is to look at how many upvotes the current top posts have and buy the same amount of upvotes distributed over a few hours.

You can also start slow, with smaller amounts of upvotes at a slower speed early on and gradually increase the rate as your post climbs to #1.

BoostUpvotes’ upvote packages are affordable and highly scalable. BoostUpvotes has worked with hundreds of OnlyFans models to help them build their businesses through Reddit. We use only real human upvotes to ensure your posts aren’t flagged and reach the largest possible audience.


The 5 key steps to promote your OnlyFans on Reddit:

  1. Post in the right subreddits: To find the best subreddits for your OnlyFans niche, use subreddit databases like RedditList, our free list of the best OnlyFans friendly subreddits, or search for creators in similar niches to you and find which subreddits their best performing posts are in.
  2. Keep your posts fresh and engaging: post at least 3x a week, avoid reposting the same content to more than 5-10 subreddits, use videos/GIFs, and avoid directly advertising in titles.
  3. Optimize your Reddit profile: make sure to link to your OnlyFans profile and social media accounts. Similarly, add information about yourself that you’re comfortable with sharing to help subscribers (and potential subscribers!) get to know you. Make use of pinned posts to share information, links, and your favorite posts on your profile.
  4. Use subreddit research tools to find the best times to post: free tools like LaterForReddit will show you what times tend to get the most traffic and traction.
  5. Schedule your posts in advance: to keep your Reddit posting consistent and gain the most new subscribers, use free Reddit scheduling tools to schedule your Reddit posts ahead of time.
  6. Kickstart your post by using BoostUpvotes to get real Reddit upvotes early on: promoting OnlyFans on Reddit is extremely competitive, with thousands of posts every day. Getting Reddit upvotes early on pushes your post to the top of the Hot page and helps it reach the largest possible audience.

We hope this guide to promoting your OnlyFans on Reddit was helpful! If you’re looking to learn more about marketing on Reddit, check out our other blog posts and free guides.

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