The 6 Best Tools to Take Your Reddit Marketing to the Next Level (2023)

Reddit can be one of the best places to market your content and business on the web. With over half a billion monthly users, active subreddits organized around almost any topic you can imagine, and a web savvy userbase, more and more businesses are choosing to market on Reddit.

While Reddit attracts a massive audience of engaged users, it can be difficult to decide what to post, which subreddits to post in, and how to plan your campaigns. While marketers are used to tools like Hootsuite for social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, Reddit has a relative lack of options for marketers looking to leverage the platform.

We’ve compiled a list of six of the best Reddit marketing tools out there to help you maximize your results, and get valuable insights into the performance and improvement opportunities for your campaign. From finding the best subreddits for a given topic to scheduling your posts for maximum traffic, here are the six best tools for Reddit marketing as of 2023.

1. CrowdValence: AI Reddit Monitoring and Searching Tool

CrowdValence offers a range of Reddit marketing tools to help you find the most relevant Reddit discussions for your business. The site lets you set up filters and get notified of any kinds of posts you want to track. In addition to basic keyword filters, CrowdValence lets you find posts based on their context (like customers asking for a service you provide!) and uses AI to find those posts. It also lets you filter out posts based on subreddit, comment count, upvotes, and a bunch of other filters designed specifically for Reddit.

CrowdValence also offers a free Reddit search tool that has some of their basic filters built in (like filtering by upvotes, comments, subreddits, and negative keywords).

2. LaterForReddit: Reddit Post Scheduling Tool

LaterForReddit marketing tool

LaterForReddit is a tool that lets you input the subreddit you’re targeting and get up to date data on when you should post to Reddit to maximize your post’s visibility and results.

Beyond telling you when is the best time to post, it also lets you schedule posts for that time. This is especially convenient if you’re in a different time zone or simply don’t want to wait around for the optimal time to post your content.

3. List of the Top Subreddits

RedditList’s subreddit listings.

(Note: As of 2023, RedditList is broken. There are free alternative lists, like CrowdValence’s list of the most active/popular subreddits here)

Paired up with LaterForReddit, RedditList is a fantastic tool for Reddit marketing. RedditList shows you, in real time, the top Reddit subreddits (communities) based on a number of different factors. These include Subscribers, or the number of signed up Reddit users who subscribe to the community and thus see it in their main feed; Recent Activity, which ranks subreddits based on the post and comment activity the subreddit has seen recently; and 24 Hour Growth, which can help you find subreddits that are experiencing a recent surge in popularity/visits.

If you were ever wondering how to find the best subreddit to post your content or link in, this is the tool for you.

4. RedditInsight: Data Visualizations and Insights Into Reddit

An example of RedditInsight’s data visualization capabilities.

RedditInsight is a marketing tool that allows for real time post and user tracking. This means that when you post content to Reddit, RedditInsight will let you track and visualize its performance and karma. On a user level, you can see your best performing posts, and easily visualize any user’s post or karma history.

RedditInsight also has other data visualization tools and insights, like word clouds of top performing posts across various subreddits and other patterns of post performance. If you’re interested in these tools but want to make a customization of your own, RedditInsight’s code is also available on Github, so you can see how it works, make suggestions and customize it to fit your needs.

5. Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES):

Reddit Enhancement Suite’s user front end.

RES is used by over 3 million Reddit users, and has a handful of useful tools for any Reddit user. With RES, you can easily switch between accounts, track comment karma, tag users and much more. Some of the features that are most useful for Reddit marketing are tagging users that engage with your content, account switching and a number of tools for sorting through post comments to find those most relevant to you.

5. Advanced Reddit Search Tool was originally built as PushShift, an API for searching Reddit with more options than Reddit’s standard search function. As such, it is a great way to filter posts, comments, or links on Reddit by keyword, topic, brand or domain.

Use RedditSearch’s karma filters to get content ideas from posts in your niche that have done particularly well. You can also use their domain search to find posts that link to your site or your competitors, and get ideas to replicate that success for your own business. RedditSearch also has handy tools built in to analyze users or subreddits based on their posting patterns.

6. BoostUpvotes: Real Human Reddit Upvotes to Push Your Posts to the Top

BoostUpvotes has helped thousands of Reddit marketers to help get the ball rolling on their posts. Once you’ve found the best subreddit for your content, written a strong and relevant title, and posted it, it’s time to start rolling in the traffic. To ensure that your post has the best chance of being seen by those early users that will make or break its performance, you can use BoostUpvotes to get upvotes early on.

You’ll still need quality content to get the best results, but BoostUpvotes can ensure that your time spent coming up with strong and relevant content has the best possible chance of getting you excellent results.

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