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In SEO, webmasters are always looking for new sources for backlinks, and social bookmarking sites like Reddit can be extremely valuable for businesses and causes. Despite their traffic generating value, there is a lot of controversy over whether or not Reddit posts provide SEO value (meaning whether or not search engines like Google take Reddit posts into account in their ranking algorithm).

What Are Dofollow and Nofollow Links?

Whenever a piece of content is linked to online the link is categorized as either dofollow or nofollow: whether or not search engines should take the link into account for their ranking algorithm. Putting nofollow (telling the search engines not to take the link into account) is a common way websites like Reddit prevent spam by eliminating the incentive for webmasters to spam their links. While many sites put nofollow as the default link tag Reddit does not keep it that way.

When do Reddit backlinks become dofollow?

Using the Reddit upvotes algorithm Reddit assigns all newly submitted links automatically as nofollow links, but once a rating of positive three votes or more is achieved the link becomes dofollow and counts toward your search engine rankings. There is also strong evidence that the more upvotes and comments a post has the higher it will rank on Google for relevant terms (particularly terms in the title and heavily mentioned in the comment section). This system allows Reddit to prevent link spam from irrelevant and poorly designed websites that will be downvoted while giving quality backlinks to valuable content that is upvoted.

Reddit SEO nofollow link

In the above example from the “New” section of Reddit’s news section there is a post with no upvotes (and thus no positive karma). The nofollow tag is visible immediately after the hyperlink.Reddit SEO dofollow linkIn contrast, in the screenshot above of a link posted to the same subreddit with thousands of upvotes and well over the required amount of positive karma required for a dofollow link, there is no nofollow tag, meaning the link is dofollow.

With the clear advantage that Reddit posts can have not only in generating huge amounts of interested organic traffic, but also in terms of search engine rankings there is clear value in marketing your brand on Reddit. BoostUpvotes lets customers inexpensively and quickly buy Reddit upvotes that can help their business or causes content to go viral and greatly increase their search engine rankings with Reddit SEO.

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