Most Reddit posts are ignored with no upvotes

An interesting study talked about how around 52% of Reddit posts were ignored or received mostly downvotes. When they were reposted, they performed well: it wasn’t that the content was bad, it was simply that they went unnoticed or that no one bothered to upvote them.

This shows the vital importance of setting a post in motion with a small number of upvotes. With decent content, buying upvotes almost ensures that Reddit’s huge user base will continue to upvote your post and this is a great way for small businesses to get upvotes on Reddit.

Since Reddit organizes post popularity using an algorithm which degrades over time, quickly buying an solid number of upvotes and bringing your Reddit post to the front page of a popular subreddit is vital in maintaining an adequate number of views which will hopefully convert into organic upvotes. A purchase of upvotes buys you publicity so that your valuable content does not go unnoticed.

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