Update concerning payments through Stripe/PayPal

As you’ve probably noticed, Boost Upvotes has recently switched to Stripe after we encountered some issues with PayPal which are still being resolved, and currently the only payment options we have available are credit and debit cards accepted through Stripe. As this was implemented somewhat hastily, we encourage you to email us about any problems […]

Boost Upvotes upgrades to SSL/HTTPS

Boostupvotes lets you buy upvotes securely over SSL

Greetings customers! You may have noticed recently that our URLs now all begin with the “https://“ prefix, instead of the standard “http://“ found on most sites. This is a result of our upgrade to Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, which is an integral part of providing end-to-end encryption between your browser and our server. What […]

Get to the Top of Small Subreddits

The perfect way of getting to the top of small subreddits is to buy Reddit Upvotes. Reddit is one of the most visited websites in the world, and provides a lot for you depending on what you need. The social site gives specific subreddits, so you can browse through what you like and are interested in, […]

Marketing on Small Subreddits

Buying Reddit upvotes is the perfect way for marketing on small subreddits. Here is a guide on how you would market on a dedicated subreddit like r/baseball. Reddit is one of the best discussion forums on the internet, and offers users the chance to interact with others and participate in discussions about different subjects. Users can […]

Buy Reddit Upvotes for the Same Post

Buying Reddit upvotes comes with limitations, since all upvoting accounts must be unique. One problem with promoting your business is that you can only add a certain quantity of upvotes to your post for a limited amount of time of promotion. This is troublesome for people who want to market their business or website through […]

Reddit Builds Official Android App – Buy Reddit Upvotes for a Larger Audience

Reddit has just announced the release of its new Android application, in order to provide native access on Google’s Android platform to its website for a streamlined, optimized mobile experience. Access to a beta version of the app can be requested through Reddit. Reddit mobile product manager Ashley Higgins posted the news to r/android yesterday, […]

Buy Reddit Upvotes During the Holidays!

It’s a great time to buy Reddit upvotes! Boost Upvotes has lowered the prices for all upvote packages for the holidays! $8.99 $7.49 for 25 upvotes $16.99 $12.99 for 50 upvotes $34.99 $21.49 for 100 upvotes $67.99 $39.99 for 200 upvotes $109.99 $76.99 for 500 upvotes All of our upvotes are 100% manual from established […]

Wait Time for Buying Reddit Upvotes Reduced

BoostUpvotes.com has fully rolled out its automated payment processing system, allowing you to buy any amount of Reddit upvotes and have them delivered beginning the instant you order. The delivery span for 25 upvotes has also been reduced, from 1-4 hours down to only thirty minutes to one and a half hours. As always, upvotes […]

Most Reddit posts are ignored with no upvotes

An interesting study talked about how around 52% of Reddit posts were ignored or received mostly downvotes. When they were reposted, they performed well: it wasn’t that the content was bad, it was simply that they went unnoticed or that no one bothered to upvote them. This shows the vital importance of setting a post in motion […]