Reddit Builds Official Android App – Buy Reddit Upvotes for a Larger Audience

Reddit has just announced the release of its new Android application, in order to provide native access on Google’s Android platform to its website for a streamlined, optimized mobile experience. Access to a beta version of the app can be requested through Reddit.

Reddit mobile product manager Ashley Higgins posted the news to r/android yesterday, stating that the app will be finalized and released after bug fixes found in the beta testing period. With Reddit on Android, more and more users will browse the site, meaning buying Reddit upvotes will allow your content to reach a wider audience.

Reddit already has an app on iOS under the name Alien Blue, which it acquired in October of last year. This is all in a strategy to increase visitors; Reddit had over 200 million unique visitors just last month.

Buying Reddit upvotes is a perfect way to quickly reach the hundreds of millions of people on Reddit, in order to garner attention for your post, market your business, promote your YouTube channel, or publicize your website.

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