Reddit Announces Core Corporate Values

In Reddit’s latest official blog post they shared their companies core values with their user base. The post is meant to make it clear to Reddit’s user base the website’s priorities and their values as Reddit has recently experienced controversy over their administration practices and the legal troubles of their CEO, Ellen Pao, who recently lost […]

How Reddit Backlinks Affect SEO

In SEO, webmasters are always looking for new sources for backlinks, and social bookmarking sites like Reddit can be extremely valuable for businesses and causes. Despite their traffic generating value, there is a lot of controversy over whether or not Reddit posts provide SEO value (meaning whether or not search engines like Google take Reddit […]

How Reddit Upvotes Affect Your Search Engine Rankings and SEO

For years webmasters have speculated about how much social signals like Reddit upvotes affect SEO, but there now seems to be some consensus in the area. While Reddit upvotes start out as nofollow links, and thus are not counted by Google in calculating PageRank, there is strong evidence and even confirmations from Google itself that the […]

Most Reddit posts are ignored with no upvotes

An interesting study talked about how around 52% of Reddit posts were ignored or received mostly downvotes. When they were reposted, they performed well: it wasn’t that the content was bad, it was simply that they went unnoticed or that no one bothered to upvote them. This shows the vital importance of setting a post in motion […]

Why you should market your brand on Reddit

The value of social media marketing has long been known by businesses and savvy businesses have already taken advantage of platforms like Facebook and Twitter to market their businesses, but many other important platforms for increasing brand awareness and connecting with current customers are left out. Chief among these platforms is Reddit, one of the […]

Why Buy Reddit Upvotes?

Reddit is the ninth most visited website in the U.S. and reaches over 14 million people monthly in the U.S. alone. Reddit uses a voting system where the number of votes a post receives dictate a given posts rank on the website as a whole, and on topic focused subreddits. Reddit upvotes allow you to […]

BoostUpvotes Launches

BoostUpvotes has launched and for the next month will be featuring special launch prices on all packages to buy Reddit upvotes. Reddit upvotes are extremely valuable for any social media marketing campaign and can give any message or business huge exposure on one of the top ten most visited websites in the United States. Packages of […]