How Reddit Upvotes Affect Your Search Engine Rankings and SEO

Reddit seo

For years webmasters have speculated about how much social signals like Reddit upvotes affect SEO, but there now seems to be some consensus in the area.

While Reddit upvotes start out as nofollow links, and thus are not counted by Google in calculating PageRank, there is strong evidence and even confirmations from Google itself that the search engine giant uses social signals in its ranking algorithm along with other major search engines like Yahoo! and Bing. Along with confirmations from Google itself, SEO researchers like those at have looked into ranking factors and determined that social signals are having a growing impact on search engine rankings.

From Google’s perspective, it simply makes sense. In its mission to show the most relevant search results to those searching on Google it has had to adapt to the way that people share websites since the rise of mass social media and social bookmarking sites like Reddit are particularly good for signaling to Google and other search engines that a link is popular and engaging for its audience.

While links on Reddit start out as nofollow, once they reach a certain threshold of upvotes they become dofollow, and as such can be a powerful boost to your site’s search rankings.

So how can you take advantage of this largely untapped SEO factor? Sites like BoostUpvotes that let you buy Reddit votes are a great way to get the ball rolling on a new page and start getting your posts to Reddit and other sites noticed, and if users like your content it will be pushed up higher on Reddit, causing a significant SEO boost for your site (along with the huge amount of organic and engaged traffic that Reddit can provide your site).

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