How to Schedule Posts On Reddit and Maximize Traffic

Marketing your company or cause on Reddit can help you reach the hundreds of millions of people that use it each month, but there are many factors that go into getting to the top of Reddit. Reddit uses a voting system to rank posts, meaning your post will be displayed higher the more votes it gets in the hours after you post on Reddit. For that reason, it’s important to ensure you post to Reddit at the right time to maximize the number of users that will vote for and view your post.

When to Post to Reddit

On the whole, Reddit’s traffic is highest from around 5pm-11pm EST. This follows Reddit’s general popularity, with its user base most concentrated in the United States. Those patterns vary by subreddit, depending on the individual community’s user makeup, lifestyle and location. While raw traffic is highest at these times, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best time to post. Instead, you want to give your post time to gain traction by the time traffic is at its highest. To find the best time to post to Reddit for your individual subreddit, you can enter the subreddit into LaterforReddit which will analyze the best performing posts in that community and suggest times to post to maximize your potential.

Best Tools for Scheduling

Once you’ve decided on a time, you can use Delay for Reddit to enter your post title, content and set a time you want to automatically post to your targeted subreddit. The tool will take care of the rest, posting your content automatically at your desired time.

Once your post is up, you want to ensure it gains traction early on so it can be seen by the full audience of your subreddit. To help give your post the traction it needs, BoostUpvotes offers Reddit upvotes starting at just $5.99. Ranging from 10-200 upvotes and more by request, we are able to give your post the traction it needs no matter which subreddit you’re targeting.

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