Buying Reddit Upvotes for Comments to Shape Discussions Online

Buy Reddit Upvotes for Comments

While the traffic that Reddit posts can bring is widely recognized, many marketers and brands overlook the power of comments. Beyond just being another potential source for traffic or leads, comment sections can help to drive the discussion around your post and overlooking them is giving up a potential major traffic source that can also help build your brand.

Upvoting comments from company accounts can work well, but you can also see success in many cases by buying upvotes for comments that shape the discussion in the way you want. Furthermore, BoostUpvotes also provides a source for Reddit comment downvotes if there is a particularly spammy or negative comment that you want downvoted in your post’s discussion.

In the same way that upvotes on Reddit posts linking to or discussing your brand or product can snowball into a major source of organic traffic and upvotes if your content is high quality, good comments and use of the voting system to shape the discussion around your posts can also snowball into a positive discussion around your brand. As more and more users see the positive Reddit comments, they are more likely to engage with those comments and reply to them with their own views, creating a buzz around your post that brings in even more traffic and branding opportunities.

Buying upvotes for Reddit comments is no more complicated than for a regular post through BoostUpvotes.

To get the link for the comment you’re buying upvotes for, simply click on Permalink underneath the comment you wish to buy for, as shown in the image below.

How to Get Comment Link Reddit

Once you have the link to the comment, paste that into the BoostUpvotes order form as shown below. You can find this on the main page to buy Reddit upvotes, as shown below.

How to buy Reddit upvotes

After you submit your order, the upvotes will be delivered in up to 24 hours. Comment orders take longer than regular posts because the process of manual upvoting for comments takes somewhat longer, but you should see your votes start coming in in the hours after ordering.

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