Why Buy Reddit Accounts?

Besides being one of the most visited websites in the US with a fiercely devoted userbase and billions of pageviews each month, Reddit provides a tremendous opportunity for new businesses and brands to get noticed and connect directly with their fans. Reddit’s unique voting system means that a large number of votes can help to give your post the boost it needs to be seen by the initial mass of users and take advantage of the snowball effect whereby the number of upvotes grows as your post is viewed by more users, pushing it further and further up the rankings. Beyond this core principal of Reddit’s voting system, however, the success of your Reddit post also depends on other factors such as the account it is posted from.

The Reddit account your content is posted from can make or break your post in two ways. First, Reddit uses account age and previous activity as a way to judge whether or not to mark a post as spam and potentially ban your account. By posting from an aged, legitimate account with high karma you can avoid much of the hassle of dealing with these spam filters and ensure that moderators are less likely to shadowban you or your post. Making a mistake in this area can potentially lead to a sitewide ban of your domain on Reddit, making it crucial that you choose to post from a high quality, aged Reddit account.

Secondly, other users often use your karma and posting history as a judge of whether or not they should trust or upvote your post. If your content is posted from a spammy account that has existed for only a few days, even if it passes Reddit’s spam filters other users are not likely to trust and engage with your post on nearly the same level.

For both of these reasons it is crucial that you choose your Reddit account well when deciding where to post from for your Reddit marketing campaign. BoostUpvotes provides high quality Reddit accounts that meet every requirement your campaign needs to ensure the best possible results on Reddit. All accounts are high karma, well established and in good standing with Reddit, with email verification and often years of activity on the site.

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