Getting the Most Out of Quora Advertising

Quora Marketing and Advertising

With the launch of Quora’s self serve advertising platform, more and more businesses are looking into advertising and marketing their brands and products on the site. Quora has consistently been a popular and highly engaging site for its users, of which there are over 200 million each month. With over 200 million highly engaged users, and an audience that is highly concentrated in the US and other Western countries, the benefits of marketing on Quora have become clear.

Quora’s ad platform has many of the key features that advertisers have come to expect out of online advertising platforms, with top of the line analytics and data that allow advertisers to optimize their campaigns and maximize ROI.

Like Reddit ads, Quora ads can be an effective way for some brands to reach customers on the platform, and can be a great channel to add to your brand’s marketing mix. This is particularly true if you’re targeting business customers in industries where customers tend to do significant research before deciding on a product or service.

While ads can be effective, customers still tend to ignore or at the very least remain skeptical of information that is displayed on banner and other forms of ads offered by the Quora ad platform. To maximize results, businesses should engage with their customers directly, answering questions and providing useful information to questions related to their business or industry. By doing so, businesses build trust and relationships with potential customers, while establishing themselves as authorities in their niche. This works just as well, and often better, answering from personal accounts with your position at the company clearly outlined in your bio.

Quora even allows you to link to your product or business within your answer, and as long as this is done naturally and in a way that is truly helpful to the person asking the question, this too can be an effective way of generating leads and sales from Quora.

Quality content is a must, but if you want to maximize your results and give your answers an initial boost to be seen by more and more users over time, services like ours also allow businesses to buy Quora upvotes. This helps to get the ball rolling on new answers, and coupled with quality content results in a snowball effect where the initial boost allows your content to be seen-and upvoted-by more and more users over time.

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