Buying Reddit Accounts

With the growth of websites like Reddit, Digg and Twitter being used by companies to promote new products and messages, organizations and businesses have turned to buying Reddit accounts and using those accounts to make their content go viral on Reddit.

These companies tend to focus on established Reddit accounts that have existed on the site for at least a few years and have often built up significant karma and trust on the site. With these trusted accounts, companies can more easily reach larger amounts of people on the platform and avoid being shadowbanned on Reddit.

While it may seem strange to some Reddit users that their accounts can sell for as much as a few thousand dollars, Reddit accounts are a growing product in the market for social media promotional tools. An account that is a few years old and has 5,000 karma can expect to sell for at least $200, not bad for something that many Reddit users have at least a few of.

Along with companies buying these accounts, many sell them as well. BoostUpvotes allows companies to buy Reddit accounts starting from less than a dollar per verified account. These Reddit accounts can be invaluable to a businesses social media marketing efforts.

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