BoostUpvotes Adds Delivery Speed Options

By popular request, we have implemented a delivery speed option for all orders. Customers can now choose the speed at which they would like upvotes to be delivered on all orders. This allows customers to control how quickly they would like their upvotes to be delivered, depending on the size of the subreddit,

Breakdown of Our Reddit Upvote Speed Options

Speed SettingUpvotes per MinuteRecommended For
Standard3-4 upvotes / minute– Medium sized subreddits with 200-500k subscribers
– Orders of 50-200 upvotes
Slow1 upvote / minute– Subreddits with fewer than 200k subscribers
– Orders of less than 50 upvotes
– Very new posts
Rush7+ upvotes per minute– Large subreddits with more than 500K subscribers
– Orders of more than 300 upvotes
– Posts that have been live for more than 30 minutes

How to Choose a Speed Option

The speed option optimal for your post depends on a number of factors. The first is the size of the subreddit. If you are posting to a subreddit with less than 10,000 subscribers, the Slow option will allow your upvotes to come in at a speed optimal for this size.

The second factor is the number of upvotes you are ordering. As we use only real human upvotes, orders of more than 500 upvotes tend to take longer naturally as only so many of our voters are online at a given time. As such, we recommend going with the Rush option for orders of more than 300 upvotes total.

You can also take a look at competing posts on the subreddit you’re targeting. For example, if the top post on your target subreddit has 1,000 upvotes and was posted 4 hours ago, ordering 200 upvotes at Rush speed would allow you to reach 200+ karma in less than 30 minutes. Good content will allow your post to get natural upvotes following the initial boost and help it reach the top of the subreddit as well. As a rule, you should aim to beat out the number of upvotes per minute reached by the post whose ranking you would like to match.

Combining Speed Options for Optimal Results

Many of our customers choose to order at Slow or Standard speed to start off, and Rush for larger orders once their post has begun to take off. This will cause a natural increase in the rate of upvotes to your post and signal organic interest in your post to Reddit and the subreddit’s moderators.

If you have any questions or requests for new features, you can get in touch with our team using our Contact page.

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