BoostUpvotes Reddit upvotes FAQ

How does BoostUpvotes work?

BoostUpvotes works by promoting your Reddit post to our team of Reddit users across the globe. By increasing your post’s upvote count early on after your post is submitted, you can dramatically increase its chances of getting to the front page by gaining exposure to significantly more users. Moreover, the traffic that your post receives is highly targeted and almost entirely from first world countries.

How long do upvotes take to arrive?

We upvote 100% manually from well-established accounts over a specific time period: 25 upvotes arrive in approximately 45 minutes, 50 upvotes arrive in approximately an hour and a half, 100 upvotes take approximately 2 hours, and 200 take approximately 4-5 hours. These numbers do not apply for Quora upvotes, which take substantially longer.

Why are your upvotes manual?

Reddit has a very complicated algorithm for detecting and fuzzing suspicious upvotes. We upvote every post 100% manually in order to create diverse traffic specifically tailored to the typical audience of your subreddit. This also means that upvotes do not arrive immediately.

How do I order upvotes for comments?

We currently support manual entry of comment upvotes. Simply enter your comment URL into the order box and it will be directed to our separate comment upvote section. Comment orders are usually processed within 12 hours, but can take up to 24 hours.

I ordered a package for my link. Why does it seem like nothing has happened?

Usually, this is because your post was removed, potentially with or without notice, and was no longer publicly visible when you placed your order. To check if your post is publicly visible, log out or open a browser in private browsing mode, and search for your post by title in its respective subreddit. If this is the case, but you already placed an order, you can contact us and we can provide you with a refund minus applicable fees.

How are payments processed?

Payments with BoostUpvotes go through PayPal, the payments company trusted by eBay and most of the worlds largest online stores and companies. PayPal makes sure that all of your transactions and personal information is secure and is the fastest and most secure way to pay online.

Can you guarantee me front page placement on Reddit?

BoostUpvotes cannot guarantee front page placement on Reddit, that is dependent on your content. We also cannot guarantee that your points (net upvotes) equal or exceed your ordered quantity. We do however keep proof of all upvotes completion, and verify that every upvote was properly delivered to ensure consistent results. What BoostUpvotes guarantees is high quality upvotes that can help to boost quality content on Reddit and gain exposure for your business. This can help you to greatly increase your organic traffic and make your content go viral.

Are there any hidden or extra fees?

No. BoostUpvotes packages are all one time charges and what you see advertised is what you’ll pay. All PayPal fees are covered on our end with taxes and fees included.

Does BoostUpvotes offer Reddit marketing packages?

BoostUpvotes offers full time Reddit marketing packages where our project managers go over your goals and requirements and develop and implement a detailed strategy to achieve the results you want. Whether you’re promoting a new movie, product, website or cause, our project managers can develop a plan that meets your needs.

To request a free consultation on your Reddit marketing opportunity, head over to our Reddit marketing services page.