How to Promote Your OnlyFans on Reddit: Comprehensive Guide for 2022

How to market OnlyFans on Reddit

Why Use Reddit to Market Your Onlyfans?

Reddit draws over 1.7 billion visitors every month, nearly half of which is from the US alone. Compared to sites like Facebook and Twitter, Reddit draws a higher income audience that is disproportionately from the US, UK, and other Western countries. It is also younger, better educated and skews male more than any other major social network according to the Pew Research Center’s Journalism and Media Center.

Statistic: Combined desktop and mobile visits to from July to December 2020 (in millions) | Statista
Source Statista
Statistic: Regional distribution of desktop traffic to as of December 2020, by country | Statista
Source Statista

More important than its overall traffic is how Reddit both allows posting OnlyFans content and makes it easy for you to reach large communities of potential subscribers.

Unlike sites like Facebook or Tumblr, Reddit does not prohibit adult content, and instead designates communities with adult content as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). These communities, called Subreddits, can be created by anyone, for any topic, and as such there are literally thousands of large subreddits for adult niches.

Reddit is a top referrer to OnlyFans, sending millions of visitors to OnlyFans pages and posts each month. While Twitter and Instagram are still king in terms of overall traffic, Reddit is uniquely suited to helping you promote to new audiences who don’t already follow your other social media accounts.

Choosing the Right Subreddits to Promote Your Content

While there are thousands of NSFW subreddits, you want to ensure you post to subreddits that are both relevant to your content and friendly to OnlyFans creators. Some subreddits, such as Gonewild, explicitly prohibit posts by creators who sell content. To find the best subreddits to post to, you can use RedditList, a listing of the top subreddits by activity, subscriber count and growth over the past 24 hours.

RedditList for promoting OnlyFans on Reddit


List of OnlyFans Friendly Subreddits

The Reddit community /r/OnlyFansAdvice has put together a list of OnlyFans friendly subreddits that are best suited to promoting your OnlyFans content. The spreadsheet is sorted by niches and specific attributes, like whether they have verification or karma requirements to post.

You can also look at top OnlyFans creators in your niche and head over to their Reddit account to see where they post and receive the most upvotes.

How to Promote Your OnlyFans on Reddit Successfully

When you first post to Reddit, the post will go to the New tab. As your post receives more upvotes, it will begin to appear in the Hot and Rising tabs, which are viewed by a much higher number of users. This gradual increase in the number of users your post is shown to is what allows it to snowball to the front page, where it can reach millions of users in a given day.

The impact of early votes on Reddit posts

On smaller subreddits, good content and smart scheduling can allow you to get lucky and reach the front page. On larger subreddits, however, it is crucial that your post does well early on to avoid being lost in the sea of other posts.

An MIT study confirmed the disproportionate effect of the votes a post gets in its first hour. The other side of that coin is the disproportionately negative effect downvotes can have. As such, it’s key to ensure your post performs well early on. This will dictate whether it is shown on the Rising or Hot tabs that the overwhelming majority of users stick to.

Reddit’s subreddit sorting tabs.

When to Post to Reddit

To maximize the audience your posts reach, be sure to post at a time when your post is likely to reach the most people. To do this, you can use free tools like LaterForReddit that allow you to see what time posts in a particular subreddit are most likely to receive the most upvotes and traffic.

A good rule of thumb is to post when your target audience is likely to be browisng Reddit, and to remember that posts typically take at least an hour to reach the top of the subreddit where they will be shown to the largest possible audience.

You can also use LaterForReddit or similar tools to schedule your posts to a specific subreddit or multiple.

Boosting Your Reddit Posts Early On

Combining the excellent content your fans follow you for, smart post scheduling and that key boost early on will help push your post to the front page and send thousands of visitors and subscribers to your OnlyFans account.

To ensure your post receives the initial boost it needs and take advantage of the snowball effect, you can buy Reddit upvotes early on. Depending on the size of the subreddit, as few as 25 upvotes or as many as a few hundred can help ensure you reach the front page and the thousands of viewers it brings with it.

How to Get Upvotes on Your Post Early

Buy Reddit upvotes for OnlyFans

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Depending on the subreddit and the number of subscribers it has, it should take anywhere from 50 to 200 upvotes to give your post the early boost it needs to go viral on Reddit. You can buy Reddit upvotes for your posts, starting at just $5.99, on our homepage.

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