Why you should market your brand on Quora

Businesses have been taking advantage of social media marketing for years, with platforms like Facebook and Twitter dominating the conversation when it comes to anything social. While those platforms can be prime drivers for traffic and sales to many businesses, the power of sites like Quora and Reddit have often been forgotten. Quora in particular is one of the most popular websites on earth, and receives highly engaged traffic that is not only ready to buy, but easily targetable for your niche.

On Quora, by answering questions and effectively promoting your content you can reach customers while they’re looking for answers to buying questions. Beyond targeting just your niche, you can target specific questions people have about your product or service, and make sure that your brand or content is there where you have the opportunity to promote it.

Even beyond reaching thousands of potential customers directly on the site, Quora allows you to spread your message to influencers in your field and watch it grow well beyond Quora itself.

In the past many websites and companies have had massive success leveraging Quora to promote their brands, but in seeking to replicate this success others have opted for less effective methods of promoting their content like advertising and untargeted posting of links. Buying Quora upvotes is another alternative and allows you to promote your content natively on the platform, tying in with your quality content to allow it to reach thousands of potential customers and influencers.

Answers that receive lots of Quora upvotes early on are pushed up on the question’s page and sent to even more Quora users’ feeds. Furthermore, the users that Quora promotes your article to are specifically selected for being interested in the topics you’re engaging with, through Quora’s algorithm of detecting the topics their users are interested in.

Sites like BoostUpvotes allow you to reach thousands of potential customers and users for your brand or product by engaging with them on a platform where they are not only interested in your product, but engaged and ready to buy. BoostUpvotes allows companies to buy Quora upvotes and get the ball rolling on their message, sending it to thousands of interested users and connecting those potential customers with your product or service.

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